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Services our cranes can be used for

Sometimes the safest and most efficient way to get a job done is by using a crane. Mobile cranes can be used for a wide variety of work. We have many different types of customers.

Some of our most common customers are HVAC companies. We work for several of Sarasota’s finest air conditioning company’s. Usually for commercial jobs or at condo buildings when they need a unit placed on a rooftop.

We often work for pest control companies too. When a house needs to be fumigated it sometimes takes a crane. We hoist the heavy tarps it takes to cover the house and place them onto the roof.

Generators are heavy and have strict regulations on where they need to be set. Our cranes can lift a generator off of a truck and set them into place with ease.

Marble and granite companies use our services to lift large slabs that are too big or heavy for an elevator or stairs. We can hoist the slabs to the balcony.

Moving companies and homeowners use our services to lift furniture such as couches, tables, or even pianos to the balcony when it is too big or heavy to get up the stairs.

Marine centers and boat owners need crane services sometimes too. We often unload new boats off of trucks and place then onto trailers. We also lift sailboat masts too.

We even have the privilege of working with some of Sarasota’s legendary daredevils such as Bello Nock, as seen on America’s Got Talent. And the ‘High Wire King’ - Nik Wallenda. When they need stunt equipment lifted such as a wheel, tower, or sway pole, they use us to assist!

Ever wonder how the manatees at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium get weighed? Or if they need to be moved to a different tank? That’s right, they use us! Mote Marine’s awesome biologists get Hugh and Buffet, our favorite manatees, onto a stretcher so we can safety lift them to where they need to go.

Have you been to Sarasota’s ‘New Year’s Pineapple Drop’? We have been ringing in the new year this way for over ten years now! A huge event where the main attraction is the pineapple dropping at the countdown to midnight.


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