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Nick Wallenda's Daredevil Rally

It's always an honor to work with the "King of the High Wire" Nik Wallenda! Have you seen his new Daredevil Rally Drive-in Thrill show? We were able to catch the latest show at Hertz Arena just before we helped tear things down. It was incredible! Not only did we get to see Wallenda's famous high wire walk, but it also included FMX freestyle jumpers, a HUMAN CANNONBALL and more!!

“We wanted to provide quality family entertainment during what has been a tough time for our nation and the world,” said Wallenda, who is self-producing for the first time in his career. “After touring the globe, I’ve made friends with some of the greatest daredevils of our time. For this special performance, I’ve invited all of them to unite together in one place.." - Nik Wallenda

We lifted the towers while Wallenda and his team stabilized them into place. We also did this the sway poles Erendira Wallenda uses for her performance.

Definitely go see the show if you get the opportunity!


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